Breastfeeding course

A lot of couples choose to breastfeed in the first few months after the delivery. We understand this very well! Breastmilk is something that is natural, includes everything that your baby needs and providing this for your baby is an intimate experience between you and your baby. As natural as it is, it is not necessarily easy for everyone. A course in breastfeeding can help.

During this course you will learn how to help your baby latch, what comfortable positions are to breastfeed and how you can stimulate your milk production. This way you will be a bit more confident and more relaxed to start your breastfeeding journey.

The upcoming dates are known:

Wednesday May 10th

Wednesday, June 21th

Wednesday July 12th

Time? 10,00

Instructor? Lactation consultant Arabel Roelofs

Costs? 15 euro, your partner is welcome to join for free

Would you like to attend? Please register via

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