Committed care during maternity

Even after birth, the best care for you and your baby

Concerned care during maternity​

Even after birth, the best care for you and your baby

Pregnant together

Congratulations on the birth of your son or daughter!

Congratulations with your son or daughter! Now that your pregnancy is over, a new era starts. In the first week after your baby is born, you are not on your own. Maternity care will be provided at your home. The maternity nurse will help you with the care for your baby, will teach you what you need to know in your own environment and will answer all your questions. Is your recovery not going according to plan or are there questions or concerns concerning your baby? She will contact us.

In this first week, we will visit you a few times as well and you can reach us if you have questions 24/7. During our visits, we will check how you and your baby are doing, whether the maternity care is going well, how you look back at your delivery and whether you need extra help or have questions.

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What else will happen in that first week?​

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1 // Declaration

When the baby is born, you are obliged to declare it to the municipality in which the child was born within 3 working days after the birth.

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2 // Heel prick and hearing test

The consultation office will visit you in the first week after the birth of your child. Read more in our blog Heel prick & hearing test

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3 // Breast pump rental

If you need a breast pump in the first days after giving birth, then you can rent one from us through the practice. The appliances we rent are of good quality. Please contact our assistants for this.

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4 // Paternity leave

Your partner can also take extra leave after the first week. As a new father, you are now entitled to one week of leave and you can take five weeks of extra leave on top of that leave. Read more in our knowledge center about paternity leave.

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Looking back at your pregnancy and delivery

Six weeks after you gave birth, we will invite you for a consult. We’re curious to know how you and your baby are doing!

How do you look back at your delivery, now that it’s been a while? How did you perceive our care during your pregnancy, delivery and maternity period? Do you have any questions? This aftercare meeting will take approximately 30 minutes. If you have a lot of questions or if there is a lot to discuss, feel free to let us know, so we can plan some extra time for you.