Good and appropriate care

With a healthy and relaxed pregnancy, you can go into childbirth with confidence.

Good and appropriate care​

With a healthy and relaxed pregnancy, you can go into childbirth with confidence.

You’re really pregnant!

Maybe you started noticing changes to your body, maybe you’re not feeling anything yet. But those two lines on your pregnancy test tell you without a doubt: you’re pregnant.

Great, but also very exciting. Suddenly you have a lot of questions to which you need answers. You need dependable guidance to enbale you to enjoy a healthy and relaxed pregnancy. From the day of your positive pregnancy test up until the “little mice on a rusk”*.
Welcome at Terra Midwifes!

* Dutch treat served when a child is born

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Your first steps to a perfect pregnancy

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Schedule your first consultation

During the introductory consultation, we will discuss all your questions and wishes together. It is possible to come for a consultation as early as from 6 weeks (early consultation).

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Your pregnancy under control​

Every few weeks you will see the midwife who will do the medical checkups, give you information and answer your questions.

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Full confidence towards the finish

During the last phase we see each other more often and we further prepare you for the delivery so that you can complete your pregnancy with confidence.

Who we are

Welcome at Terra Midwives

Great care also means care with an eye for who you are, what your wishes are and how you are doing. What works for some women, may not work for you and vice versa. Therefore, we always consider the person in front of us and listen to your wishes.

We believe it’s our job to provide you with sound information and help you to make the choices that suit you best. Together we ensure this way that you can reflect with warm feelings on your pregnancy, child birth and maternity. Even though some pregnancies encounter issues, most pregnancies go smoothly. Your body is made to deliver a child. We see it as our duty to monitor this natural process and intervene when required. Good care for you, that’s what counts for us.

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Ready to give your pregnancy a good start?​

During our first meeting we will discuss which guidance is right for you.