Complaint procedure

Do you have questions? Doubts? Are you dissatisfied by something? Tell your midwife. She will take the time to discuss the issue with you. If this conversation does not help, if you like to know more about your rights or if you like advice from an independent party, then you can reach out to the complaints officer. He or she can also help you file a complaint, if necessary.

The complaints officers are impartial. Everything you discuss with him or her is confidential.

You can contact the complaints officer through:
088 – 024 51 23

Your midwife, and possibly the complaints officer, will try to handle you complaint within six weeks.

If this does not provide a suitable solution to your complaint, you may file a complaint with the Midwife Dispute Body (Geschilleninstantie Verloskunde). This independent party investigates and judges your complaint, and will reach a binding verdict.
073 – 689 18 90

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