With us you can receive all of your midwifery care, from the beginning of your pregnancy up until the postpartum period! The medical care and the necessary ultrasounds are completely covered by insurance. Midwifery care is included in the basic insurance package. We have contracts with all of the insurance providers!

Do we contract with your insurance provider? Of course!

Are you trying to search on your insurance providers website to find our practice? Then it may be that you can’t find us or you see that our care is not covered by your insurance. But this is not true! We declare all of our costs directly to your insurance. Do you want to know more about how exactly that works? Read more about it below.

What costs are covered?

  1. Complete prenatal care (care you receive during the pregnancy)
  2. Complete natal care (care during the delivery and birth)
  3. Complete postnatal care (care after the delivery, during the postpartum weeks)
  4. Dating scan, 13 week scan and 20 week scan
  5. Growth scans, fetal positioning scans at 36 weeks and other scans that are required for medical reasons
  6. Screening/genetic tests such as the NIPT

What costs are not covered?

  1. Early viability scan (between 6 and 10 weeks)
  2. Scans upon request that are not medically necessary

Hospital costs for the delivery

Do you want to give birth in the hospital but is this not medically necessary, meaning there is no medical indication for a hospital birth? Then it is still possible to give birth in the hospital. In Dutch this is referred to as a “poliklinische” delivery, or outpatient. For these births your insurance provider may ask you to pay a personal contribution. The personal contribution for a poliklinische delivery without medical indication is €450,28 (2022). Some insurance providers may cover (a portion of) this cost.

Contract with insurance providers via Verloskundige Zorggroep Groot Amsterdam

Can you not find us in your care finder or are you told that we don’t have a contract with your insurance provider? This is not true! We have joined 100 midwives and sonographers in Amsterdam and registered as ‘Verloskundige Zorggroep Groot Amsterdam.’ The advantage of this is that as a group we can have more participation than as individuals. Unfortunately the insurance does not want to list us as the ‘zorggroep’ in the care finder. This can cause confusion!

What else you should know

For blood tests, medications and transport by ambulance during the pregnancy or delivery the personal contribution from your insurance will apply. Being referred to a gynecologist does not fall under your personal contribution.

Postpartum maternity care from the ‘kraamzorg’ has a mandatory personal contribution of €4,70 per hour (2022). If you have supplemental insurance then it may be that this cost is covered by your insurance.

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With us you can receive all of your midwifery care, from the beginning of your pregnancy up until the postpartum period! The medical care and

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