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Quality of care is paramount. We are affiliated with the quality register of our professional group; The Royal Dutch Organization for Midwifes (KNOV). All Terra’s midwives are registered in this quality register. We also contribute to the quality of our profession by training students, participating in scientific research, and working together locally to provide better obstetric care. How this works, we will tell you below.

Did you know that Terra originates from the midwifery academy? At the time, it was still called the Nursery School for Midwives. In 2005, Terra split off and became an independent practice. That close connection with education has always remained. Hence, we are a training practice. By working with students, we can pass on ideas and knowledge about our profession while also keeping up with the latest developments. That is why we regularly have students in our practice. Would you rather not have them attend a consultation, delivery, or puerperium? Please let us know.

Participation in scientific research
At Terra we assume that you, as a pregnant woman, will have a natural course of your pregnancy. This also means that we do not intervene medically unnecessarily. Therefore, we would like to have a clear picture of what the real risks are for you during your pregnancy. This is being investigated in the VeCas project. We wholeheartedly support this research project.

During the intake interview we will ask you if you are okay with us sending in your data anonymously for this study. The choice is entirely up to you. Whether you want to participate or not has no influence whatsoever on the care you receive from us.

Midwifery Partnership (VSV)
In the Midwifery Partnership we cooperate with other obstetric practices in Amsterdam Noord and the gynecologists and pediatricians of the Boven ij hospital to keep care sharp. How? By continuing to discuss how we can improve protocols, care and cooperation.

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