The best obstetric care

Quality of care comes first to us. We’re joined with the quality register of our profession: the Royal Dutch Organization for Midwifes (KNOV) and all Terra’s midwifes are enlisted in this quality register. In addition, we contribute to the quality of our profession by educating students, participating in scientific research and working together with other regional health care professionals to improve our obstetric care. Below you’ll find more information on these endeavors.

Did you know that Terra was founded by the obstetrics academy? In 2005 Terra became an independent midwifery practice, but the close connection to educating midwifes has continued to exist. We’re one of the practices that trains students. In doing so, we get to transfer our ideas and knowledge onto the next generation of midwifes ánd stay up to date on the latest developments in our field. You will therefore regularly encounter students in our practice. If you don’t feel comfortable having them present during a consult, delivery of maternity period, please let us know.

Scientific research
At Terra we generally regard your pregnancy as a natural process that will likely go smoothly. We try to minimize unnecessary medical interventions. In order to do so, we need an accurate image of the actual risks you face during your pregnancy. This is researched in a research project called VeCas. We support this project wholeheartedly.

During your intake, we’ll ask you for your approval sharing your data anonymously with this research project. Whether or not you choose to do so is entirely op to you. This will bear no consequences whatsoever for the care you receive.

Obstetric Cooperation (VSV)
Ensuring the best obstetric care with other midwifery practices in Amsterdam North ánd the gynecologists and pediatricians of the Boven IJ ziekenhuis. That’s the aim of the Obstetric Cooperation (VSV). How? By continuously consulting on ways to improve our protocols, care and cooperation.

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