Early education in pregnancy

Terra Verloskundigen vroege voorlichtingsbijeenkomst

What is a healthy diet during your pregnancy? What types of ultrasounds are available, and what tests can you have done? What changes in your body during pregnancy? These are questions that every couple is familiar with. We provide detailed answers to these and other questions during the meeting ‘early education’. In approximately an hour… Continue reading Early education in pregnancy

Our collaborations

Terra Verloskundigen samenwerkingen

Providing the best care is a job done together. We cooperate with Of course, the best care is not provided alone. It consists of good cooperation between everyone who may be involved in your pregnancy. We therefore work closely with various organizations in Amsterdam Noord. To help you find reliable addresses, here is a list… Continue reading Our collaborations

The best obstetric care

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Quality of care is paramount. We are affiliated with the quality register of our professional group; The Royal Dutch Organization for Midwifes (KNOV). All Terra’s midwives are registered in this quality register. We also contribute to the quality of our profession by training students, participating in scientific research, and working together locally to provide better… Continue reading The best obstetric care