Birth plan

You can choose to write a birth plan. In a birth plan you describe your wishes regarding the birth. It is for you, your partner, your midwife, and other health care providers. By writing a birth plan, you show what is important to you.

Why a birth plan?

By writing your birth plan, you are already consciously planning for the birth, which will help you be as prepared as possible. It informs your midwife and other caregivers not just about what is important to you, but also about your views and wishes, as well as how you would like to be treated. You can discuss your expectations with your partner and you will be involved in everything that happens during the birth, even at times when you cannot say what you want yourself.

What do you write in your birth plan?

  • Where you want to give birth
  • Who may be present during the birth
  • In what position you want to give birth
  • Whether you want painkillers, and if so, which method
  • If you want to handle your baby yourself
  • Who can cut the umbilical cord
  • If you want to breastfeed

It is important to realize that you can change your mind at any time. Maybe the birth will go differently than you expected or wished. 

Download the birth plan checklist here.

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