Ultrasounds in pregnancy

During your pregnancy, you will be offered a number of ultrasounds that you can take advantage of:

In addition, we may decide to make the following ultrasounds:

  • Growth ultrasound
  • Position ultrasound

From 6 weeks of pregnancy you can have a vitality ultrasound made. Here we can determine whether the pregnancy is intact, i.e., whether the heart is beating and whether the baby is growing in the uterus. Keep in mind that this ultrasound is always done internally (vaginal). This ultrasound is not covered by your insurance. In some cases, this ultrasound is covered by your insurance, for example if you have had a miscarriage, if you have lost blood, or if there is doubt about the length of the pregnancy.

The term ultrasound is made between 10 and 12 weeks of your pregnancy. We use this ultrasound to determine your due date. This ultrasound is covered by your insurance.

Ultrasound Clinic EchoNoord

The ultrasounds are made by the EchoNoord ultrasound clinic. EchoNoord is part of the Midwives Cooperative Amsterdam Noord. By combining our strengths, we can offer pregnant women in Amsterdam Noord and surrounding areas even better obstetric and ultrasound care. For more information see the website of EchoNoord.

Contact details EchoNoord:

Albert Molhof 89, Amsterdam (Located in Buiksloterham Health Center)

When standing in front of the health centre, the entrance of EchoNoord is left around the corner.

T. 020 308 1234

F. 020 308 1239

E. info@echonoord.nl

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