Pregnant: your desired care

When you are pregnant or have just given birth, you want to receive the care that suits your situation, questions, wishes and choices. We offer good and appropriate care! We support you and your partner before, during and after the pregnancy. You discuss with us your personal situation and your preferences during your pregnancy and… Continue reading Pregnant: your desired care

Nutrition in pregnancy

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During pregnancy, healthy food is very important. It not only ensures that you feel fit and experience few physical symptoms, but it also ensures that your baby grows and develops properly. What exactly is healthy food? While pregnant, it is extremely important that you have a healthy and varied diet. The Voedingscentrum (Nutrition Centre) recommends… Continue reading Nutrition in pregnancy

Prenatal screening

During your pregnancy, you can have your unborn child tested for a number of congenital conditions, such as Down’s, Edwards’ or Patau’s syndrome, spina bifida, or a heart defect. We call this prenatal screening. There are a number of tests available. It is up to you whether you want to have these tests done. During… Continue reading Prenatal screening

22-week vaccination

Whooping cough can be extremely dangerous for babies. They may get pneumonia or develop brain damage and could even die from the disease. Nearly 170 infants end up in the hospital with whooping cough every year. Infants get vaccinated against whooping cough. However, they cannot get their first vaccinations until they are two months old.… Continue reading 22-week vaccination

Ultrasounds in pregnancy

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During your pregnancy, you will be offered a number of ultrasounds that you can take advantage of: Vitality ultrasound Term ultrasound 13-week ultrasound 20-week ultrasound In addition, we may decide to make the following ultrasounds: Growth ultrasound Position ultrasound From 6 weeks of pregnancy you can have a vitality ultrasound made. Here we can determine… Continue reading Ultrasounds in pregnancy

Centering Pregnancy

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When you are pregnant, many things change. Your baby is developing, and your body is changing. But not only that. Pregnancy is often also a period in which you start making other choices. Where and how do you want to give birth? What food will you be giving your baby?  Will you work more or… Continue reading Centering Pregnancy