Centering Pregnancy (ENG)

Having not only your midwife, but also the experiences, support and companion of other pregnant women guiding you through your pregnancy. That’s centering pregnancy (CP).

How does it work? After your first individual consult, you will have group consults with women who are equally far along in their pregnancy. Some women need to get used to the idea of group consults. But once they’ve started, they experience the benefits of this type of guidance:

  • Meetings last two hours, allowing us to delve into different subjects much more thoroughly than in individual consults;
  • You get to know other pregnant women who are going through the exact same phases you are going through;
  • You’re supported by and learning from the experiences and questions of other women.

In addition, it’s possible to host a thematic meeting in which we extensively discuss an issue the groups wants to know more about. In the past, there have for instance been meetings with a coach for fathers and an acupuncturist, about maternity care and about breastfeeding. Many women continue to stay in contact after their pregnancy is over. CP thus is one of the most deepening, complete and supportive forms of guidance we can offer.

This is not just the feedback we here from our clients. Research has shown that women who chose CP:

  • Are more secure about their pregnancy and role as a mother;
  • Feel more involved during the pregnancy;
  • Find it easier to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • Find it easier to breastfeed;
  • Have more knowledge on being pregnant;
  • Visit the gynecologist less often;
  • Feel supported by the other women in the group.

What does the guidance look like?
The group consist of eight tot twelve women who are roughly equally far along in their pregnancy. You meet up 10 times, once after the delivery with your newborn baby. At the beginning of your pregnancy, meetings will take place once every four weeks; when you’re further along they’ll take place once every two weeks. From week 36 onwards the consults are individual. All necessary medical checks will naturally take place during these group meetings.

Are you considering CP? Let your midwife know!

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