Providing the best care is a job done together. We cooperate with anyone who may be involved with your pregnancy. We have close ties to different organization in Amsterdam North. To help you find reliable addresses, we have compiled a list of organizations we work closely with. Would you like to visit another organization, for instance another maternity care organization, another ultrasound practice or another psychologist? That’s always possible. We work together with everyone.

Hospitals in the region
Reliable care in case you’re referred to the gynecologist at the hospital. We ensure this by working closely with all hospitals in the region.

The best ultrasounds by working together three other midwifery practices in Amsterdam North. That’s ultrasound practice EchoNoord.

General practitioners
Goes without saying: we work with all general practitioners.

Maternity care
A kind face at your home during the first week after delivery. That’s what you’ll get with the maternity care from Kraamspecialist, Kraamzorg 1 op 1, Patricia, Kraamzorg Anne or het geboortecollectief.

Continuing to enjoy delicious food that’s healthy for you and your baby. Dietician Susan Kentrop knows exactly how to do that and is available at our practice once a week.

Foot reflex
It’s not always necessary to keep walking around with pregnancy symptoms. Foot reflex stimulates the self-healing powers of your body. You can find different treatments at Time4yourself.

Having psychological problems during your pregnancy is perfectly normal. Psychologist Carine Koele is there to help you.

Movement therapists
Weak ligaments, a growing uterus and carrying extra weight: being pregnant requires adjustments in the way you move. Movement therapists can teach you exactly what to do and what not to do. This way, you continue to move easily throughout your pregnancy. Check Rondom de geboorte, Haptomotion, Fysiomcn, Thamar Pfluger or Bekkenfyio Amsterdam, and see what they have to offer.

“It’s truly not necessary to endure nausea, headache, tiredness, sleeping problems or pregnancy itch,” writes acupuncturist Renée Baas on her website. Do you have any of these or other pregnancy symptoms? Acupuncture may be just what you need.

Lactation expert
If you’re having trouble breastfeeding your baby, a lactation expert may help. Whether you’re having painful breasts, your baby isn’t drinking well or your facing any other issue: the lactation expert can offer guidance and advice. Look for instance at: the Kraamspecialist or Jippie Joe.

Rondom de geboorte
Pregnancy gym, baby massages and everything in between: for a wide variety of trainings, check out Rondom de geboorte.

Parent and Child Team
After your baby is born, we hand over the care for you and your baby to the Parent and Child Team. Want to know the nearest team? Click here.

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